I own an E39 M5 that I've sorted out throughout the years, adding light upgrades. I agree and anyone that had a bad experience driving one most likely drove one with failing suspension, engine with a bad maintenance record, worn upholstery and bad tires. » 11/18/14 11:16pm Tuesday 11:16pm

Holy crap! 4K for an E39 M5! You can literally get that much for the engine alone if you parted it out. I wish I could stumble upon deals like that here but living in an island (PR) with nearly 4 million people you can be sure there's others on the lookout that have better connections than me. I own an E39 M5… » 5/24/14 2:50am 5/24/14 2:50am

I have to point out that the E9X came out manual only for the first model year and the DCT was Added the next year, so even though te DCT was decided from the start, te manual was not an "afterthought" like on the E60 M5 » 5/04/14 10:23pm 5/04/14 10:23pm